The Dog Shed Grooming School (Est: 1990): Dog grooming course closed until further notice: Dog's teeth cleaning service still open: Feb 2022

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Testimonial from Keiko (Japan):

Anaesthesia - Free Dog Teeth Cleaning

I have recently discountinued my dog grooming school classes, but continue to provide a teeth cleaning service for dogs. 

Before and After - Dog Teeth Cleaning January 2022

Testimonial from Teresa Morales (Mexico):

I have just completed the Dog Grooming course with Wendy Reid from Mandurah, Western Australia, and what a fantastic time I had. Not only did I lean so much but I had a fun doing it.

The course was great because being one on one training it flows at the trainee's pace, so when you have a difficulty understanding something you can repeat that part until you fully understand. You have time to practice all the techniques of clippers, scissors, nail clipping, ears and every single aspect of the course. MORE TESTIMONIALS

Vivian (Malaysia) with white poodle with pom poms after clip.

Narie who gave this Bichon Frise a complete scissor clip

Narie who gave this Bichon Frise a complete scissor clip

Nancy - Dog grooming student from Malaysia

Nancy - one of our dog grooming students from Malaysia.

Other services include:
  • Clip of Choice
  • Grooming
  • Nails, Ears and Glands
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Eye Stain Treatment
  • Flea Control
  • In House Dog Minding
    (not kennels)
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