Jess with Neil before the finishing clip

Jess with Neil before the finishing clip

Testimonial re: Dog Shed course May 2012

If those little annoying ‘where should I do my training’ question marks are still fluttering around your gut, swat them away right now and go to the dog shed.

There are two factors separating the charismatic Wendy Reid from the herd, first of all when you’re in the classroom her ‘tough but fair’ approach to teaching ensures you learn the correct way, there’s no room for slacking or shortcuts and anything less than that would be a waste of time anyway because if you’re going to spend the money to learn right, then you may as well learn it right!

Secondly when you leave the classroom you will find the environment she has created on her property to be extremely friendly, helpful, and so comfortable you will not want to leave. You will form fantastic friendships that extend far beyond your weeks at the dog shed, and best of all you will be armed with all the advice and equipment you need to plough straight into that business you’ve been dreaming of opening.

Wendy goes above and beyond for her students – I cannot stress that enough because while I was there I watched her take phone calls from students from years before, always with a smile on her face and always with advice to answer their questions. I watched her answer email after email to help with student queries, and bend over backwards to constantly help us. She even let my partner come to stay for a couple of weeks towards the end of my stay and even he loved the property so much he is still raving about it today. She was our teacher/travel agent/mentor/and friend rolled up into one tiny pint-sized package…and I’m not joking…she’s tiny =)

You’ll have your good days and probably even your bad, but Wendy’s experience will pull you from it and get you back on track.

The animals on the property and the wide range of dog breeds you will get to meet are amazing. I miss my little adopted roommate buddy ‘Beau’ like crazy, feeding Percy the pig my leftover banana skins, watching her pet kangaroo eat her evening muesli, and taking the dogs to the beach for a well-deserved splash.

I went to The Dog Shed from South Australia with absolutely no idea what I was doing and zero experience with dog grooming. Thanks to Wendy’s continuous support my business now has only been open a week and I am already receiving great reviews and am fully booked out. Wendy has answered countless emails and phone calls while I am still getting on my feet. I can’t thank her enough and waste no time in recommending The Dog Shed to anyone out there who’s pondering where to go.

I will certainly be coming back to visit in the future…if she is willing to put up with me again ;)


Kind Regards

Jessica Schuller

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