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Received 23 January 2021 - Thanks Thea!

Had my 2 chihuahuas for their teeth clean today, I was worried as one of my brats is a bit of a nipper when things doesnt go his way, but I am amazed at how well my dogs went, their teeth are amazingly clean and they are super happy! Thanks again!


Received 10 January 2021 - Thanks Penelope!

Highly recommend Wendy, had my cavoodle teeth cleaned, Wendy did an excellent job, she was very welcoming upon arrival, made my dog feel comfortable. She seems to have much love & kindness towards the animals. My dogs teeth are now sparkling white.


Received 18 November 2020 - Thanks Samantha B!

What a awesome result on my babies teeth cant recommend you enough


Received 27 September 2020 - Thanks Gee!

Wendy did a fantastic job, really happy with Leo’s teeth results. 100% would recommend.


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Received January 2016

I would like to sincerely thank Wendy Reid and all The Dog Shed pooches.

I had been a retired Veterinary Nurse for a few years and had been missing the interaction with the dogs. I had been following a friend of ours whom is a Top Competing Dog groomer in Hong Kong. Determined to become a groomer here in Perth, I set out on the internet to find a suitable Grooming School.

It was not an easy task UNTIL  I found The Dog Shed and Wendy. I had found that every other school I spoke to didn’t touch on scissoring much, nor did they spend time on breed grooms unless they were just clips. The whole idea of me grooming, was the ability to scissor/style my clients.

Speaking to Wendy, one of the first questions she asked was, Are you interested in clipping or scissoring?  I was so happy;  here was a school that would teach me more than just clipping.

December 2014 I graduated. I had the best time at The Dog shed. Made great friends, learnt so much, gained confidence and I can scissor and style any furbaby.

Wendy has the knowledge and patience and will go over every step again and again until you are comfortable and able to achieve the clip/style you are doing.  It doesn’t matter how many times you need her to explain, she will without hesitation.  All the amazing Dog Shed furbabies have the expertise to help you on your journey. I fell head over heels in love with so many of them.

Since my graduation I have opened my home salon in the northern suburbs of Perth and I’m proud to say it is very very, successful. I have only needed to open a Facebook Page and a small website to be able to accomplish over 400 followers and a client base that is keeping me very busy.

I would not have been able to have this successful business without The Dog Shed and Wendy’s tuition. The ability to have happy clients that love the way I style is a tribute to Wendy’s teaching.

If you wish to have a great owner/operating business or just be the best in the salon you wish to work at, I recommend The Dog Shed and Wendy without hesitation.

 Thank you Wendy so much

Belinda Riley

Bel’s Short ‘N Fluffy Grooming Service.

Nakita - Bel’s Short ‘N Fluffy Grooming Service


RE: Dog Shed course July 2013

Everytime I have customers sooo shocked at how good there dog has been groomed with me, and say its the best they have ever seen, I know I have you to thank for that!! And it happens on a daily basis! Especially with new clients!! I'm so grateful for the skills you have taught me and I know it will always be the key thing that is making my business a success!!! Not only was it the skills but all the extra tips of how to deal with clients and run the business! Your amazing at what you do and its a worry that one day you will retire!! who is gonna make sure people are trained properly to make the dogs look good then?? haha

Sarah, Cruizer and Chilli

 RE: Dog Shed course May 2012

If those little annoying ‘where should I do my training’ question marks are still fluttering around your gut, swat them away right now and go to the dog shed.

There are two factors separating the charismatic Wendy Reid from the herd, first of all when you’re in the classroom her ‘tough but fair’ approach to teaching ensures you learn the correct way, there’s no room for slacking or shortcuts and anything less than that would be a waste of time anyway because if you’re going to spend the money to learn right, then you may as well learn it right!

Secondly when you leave the classroom you will find the environment she has created on her property to be extremely friendly, helpful, and so comfortable you will not want to leave. You will form fantastic friendships that extend far beyond your weeks at the dog shed, and best of all you will be armed with all the advice and equipment you need to plough straight into that business you’ve been dreaming of opening.

Wendy goes above and beyond for her students – I cannot stress that enough because while I was there I watched her take phone calls from students from years before, always with a smile on her face and always with advice to answer their questions. I watched her answer email after email to help with student queries, and bend over backwards to constantly help us. She even let my partner come to stay for a couple of weeks towards the end of my stay and even he loved the property so much he is still raving about it today. She was our teacher/travel agent/mentor/and friend rolled up into one tiny pint-sized package…and I’m not joking…she’s tiny =)

You’ll have your good days and probably even your bad, but Wendy’s experience will pull you from it and get you back on track.

The animals on the property and the wide range of dog breeds you will get to meet are amazing. I miss my little adopted roommate buddy ‘Beau’ like crazy, feeding Percy the pig my leftover banana skins, watching her pet kangaroo eat her evening muesli, and taking the dogs to the beach for a well-deserved splash.

I went to The Dog Shed from South Australia with absolutely no idea what I was doing and zero experience with dog grooming. Thanks to Wendy’s continuous support my business now has only been open a week and I am already receiving great reviews and am fully booked out. Wendy has answered countless emails and phone calls while I am still getting on my feet. I can’t thank her enough and waste no time in recommending The Dog Shed to anyone out there who’s pondering where to go.

I will certainly be coming back to visit in the future…if she is willing to put up with me again ;)


Kind Regards

Jessica Schuller


Re : Grooming Course 25th July 2011

Dear Wendy

Thank you for the most wonderful experience and valuable education I acquired from attending the Dogshed Grooming School. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be grooming such a variety of different and exotic breed of dogs. Thanks to you, I have now established a very busy and professional grooming business in Harare, Zimbabwe called “Bluehills Posh Pets”.

For anybody interested in enrolling on your course, I would just like to tell them that your kind hospitality and friendliness in a wonderful country setting, created a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn, we felt quite at home and it made the long-arduous and costly journey from Harare, Zimbabwe all worthwhile. Over a period of 3 weeks, we learnt how to groom and handle all breeds of dogs, large and small, obedient and difficult. From dogs with terrible matted coats with clipping and scissoring to nails, ears, glands and teeth scaling!!

Thank you also for acquiring all the equipment we needed at such a good price; for the wonderful portfolio containing all the “before and after” photographs; the training notes and the clipping video, that ensured we would not be “lost” after we left the security of Dogshed. I also appreciated your advice via email, after I returned home, on grooming a particular breed that we had not had time to cover on the course.

The show clips that I am doing include the offspring of the World Champion Shih Tzu. The breeder (website www.kissaki.co.za) based in Gauteng, South Africa has indicated that he is prepared to teach me show techniques as he grooms and presents his Shih Tzu’s himself and travels to America and other countries to compete.

I have recently groomed a standard poodle for a staff member from the American Embassy, she was so pleased with the standard of my work, that she expressed that her poodle “Miss Molly” had not looked so beautiful since June last year when she was groomed in Denmark. I believe she is emailing you a reference to this effect.

I do miss my room-mate “Toto” who wasted no time teaming up with me, he is obviously familiar with the Wizard of Oz and has a sense of humour!!

Thank you so very much, I absolutely love my new career in grooming and the financial side is a big bonus!!

Love and appreciation

Dorothie (Dot)


Sharlene Brewer

Before beginning my training with Wendy I had no prior experience or knowledge of dog grooming! clipping techniques.


I commenced my training on 8 October 2001 and today, just over twelve months, operate and own a highly profitable business and very successful home business. This, in my opinion, is largely due to the superior training techniques acquired through Wendy's 13 years of grooming experience.

Wendy offered excellent support throughout the course of my training and this continued well after completion of the course. I am still able to contact Wendy today for reliable advice and support.

I believe the knowledge and expertise that are passed on by Wendy to prospective trainees within the field of dog grooming are of a superior quality. I highly recommend her as a professional and supportive teacher in this field.

Sharlene Brewer 
Show-Offs Dog Salon

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently completed a two week intensive dog grooming course with Wendy Reid in January 2003.

As I was unable to find a course that adequately covered all areas of professional grooming in my home state of Victoria, and as no professional courses were conducted in either South Australia or New South Wales, I travelled to Western Australia to complete the required training, where I lived in with Wendy at her home/grooming salon in Mandurah.

The training was extremely thorough, covering both theory and daily hands-on grooming techniques.

Wendy's teaching was of a very high standard, supported by years of experience and a considerable knowledge of dog breeds and their relative grooming requirements.

At the end of an intensive two weeks I have returned to Melbourne confident of my skills and able to offer a far more professional service than any existing groomer currently operating in Melbourne.
I have been back in Melbourne one week now and have been offered a full-time grooming position with a reputable dog accessories supplier. I have declined this offer however, to operate my business independently from home and have already had enormous enquiry.

I would highly recommend not only Wendy Reid as a superior dog groomer but also as a leading teacher in this field to anyone who wants to operate a professional dog grooming business.

Yours sincerely,

Alison Kennett
20 January 2003



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